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К сожалению, большинство людей, которые будут ими затронуты почти весь мир, не будут иметь никакого влияния на результат. Вести Экономика Дайджест иностранной прессы за 14 августа.
Вести Экономика Греции снова придется списывать долги Греция не сможет самостоятельно расплатиться по долгам, и понадобится новая реструктуризация долгов, чтобы спасти страну от банкротства.

Most parents allow their children to stay outdoors till late at night. It would be -------to make them stay at home when the sky is lit up with

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видео Most parents allow their children to stay outdoors till late at night. It would be -------to make them stay at home when the sky is lit up with


1-4 класс

colours.здесь нужно изменить форму слова fair


Yurakiselev26 14 сент. 2014 г., 9:37:51 (4 года назад) Разумник07

14 сент. 2014 г., 10:32:10 (4 года назад)

Most parents allow their children to stay outdoors till late at night. It would be unfair to make them stay at home when the sky is lit up with colours


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Idospdodolckx / 09 сент. 2014 г., 9:40:58

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Santi is a little boy who is eight. He lives in Central Africa and goes to school there. School starts at seven o'clock in the morning, but he goes to

school at half past six. Why? Well, he wants to get a desk near the teacher's table In Santi's class there are fifty-two pupils.

The pupils play in the playground before classes. Some of then wear their school uniform: a white blouse or a shirt and a blue skirt of trousers. When they come into the classroom, many of the girls take off their blouses and skirts. They usually put on T-shirts and shorts. They do this because they are not comfortable in uniform as it is very hot in the room and because they don't want to get their uniforms dirty.

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Before classes they sing one or two songs. The pupils have classes five days a week. Every day they have five lessons. They study English, Maths, Geography, P. E., History, Music and Art. They have swimming, games and computer studies too.

Have a look at Santi's timetable.

Нужен точный перевод. Заранее спасибо.

Viktor777zlygostev / 04 сент. 2014 г., 15:32:28

Помогите перевести письмо Деду Морозу на английский язык!!!!!!

Здравствуй Дедушка Мороз!!!

Поздравляю тебя с наступающим Новым Годом!!!

Меня зовут Крайнов Данила. Мне 9 лет. Я живу в городе Самара. Учусь во 2 "А" классе.

Я знаю что, ты очень добрый и хороший. Каждый Новый Год я жду с нетерпением. В этом году я хочу получить в подарок телефон. За это я обещаю учиться хорошо, слушаться родителей и во всем им помогать.

До встречи! Скоро с тобой увидимся на праздничной ёлке.

Крайнов Данила

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4750 / 13 апр. 2015 г., 2:10:00


In Great Britain school begins at the age of four or five. Many boys and girls usually leave school at the age of sixteen.

In England the school year begins in September, but not always on the first day of the month.The weather is usually fine. It is warm. The sky is often blue and the sun is bright. School seldom begins on Monday because the English think that Monday is not a good day to start school.

Little children go to school with their parents. They look so clean and nice and don't have any bags or books with them. Pupils will get them later. They will get exercise books, pencils, pens, rulers and rubbers too.

Classes usually begin at nine. Pupils have a break at 10.30 and may have a drink of milk or orange juice. At half past twelve or at one o'clock they usually have lunch. Their classes are not always formal. They often sit on the carpet on the floor and listen to their teacher. They draw or play games. They often look at the animals they have at school — hamster, rabbits or hares. Sometimes there are birds or fish in their classrooms.

English pupils often play outdoors.

Agsddsg / 29 марта 2014 г., 21:10:20

перевести текст Dear Julia Thank you for your message. I think it s a great idea to visit you in London.All of us will be happy to get the invitation

letter very

soon.What can l tell you about my holidays? They were great! I spent my holidays in Doldino. My granny has a country hjuse there.Boldino is near Nizhniy Novgorod, one of the oldest Russian cities.Many years ago Alexander Pushkin, the greatest Russian poet, ...(live) in Boldino. He created about 60 tales, poems and novels there. Now there is a tradition to celebrate" Boldino autumn" when many poets go there and recite their poems. The weather ... (be) fine every day. My friends and l spent a lot of time outdoors. We...(swim), played and rode our bikes.We also picked berries and gathered mushrooms in the nearby forest. In the evening we usually... (make) a fire, played the guitar and..(sing) songs. I..(take) a lot of photos of my friends and me.This one is for you. I hope you ll recognise me. You know l have a sweet tooth, so l asked my granny to make some cherry jam.I..(help) her a little to make it.I ll take some of it to London with me and you ll get a chance to taste it. Sending you best wishes from Jim and all

Neeko / 31 марта 2015 г., 0:33:47

Раскройте скобки , употребляя глаголы в Past Simple или Past Continuous . 1 . The girl ( to cook ) dinner when the lights ( to go )

out . She ( to burn ) herself . 2 . The boy ( to hurt ) himself while he ( to skate ) . 3 . When the woman ( to enter ) the room , the children ( to feed ) the goldfish . 4 . When i ( to visit ) my friends in Denmark . I ( to buy ) two presents for my family . 5 . When it ( to start ) to rain , we ( to bathe ) in the river . 6 . Yesterday at one o'clock I ( to have ) lunch at the canteen . 7 . When he ( to come ) in , I ( to do ) my exercises . 8 . What you ( to do ) at eight o'clock yesterday ? 9 . At this time yesterday I ( to go ) home . 10 . You ( to sleep ) when I ( to go ) out . 11 . He ( to read ) on the sofa when I ( to come ) in and ( to sit ) down beside him . 12 . I ( to walk ) along the street with my friend when a tram ( to pass ) . 13 . She ( to look ) out of the window when I ( to see ) her . 14 . We ( to answer ) the teacher's questions when the headmistress ( to enter ) the classroom . 15 . They ( to drink ) tea when I ( to come ) home . 16 . He ( to walk ) along the river when a boat ( pass ) . 17 . The old man ( to think ) about his plan when he ( to fall ) asleep . 18 . We ( to listen ) to an interesting lecture yesterday . 19 . When I ( to enter ) the classroom , the teacher ( to write ) words on the blackboard and the pupils ( to copy ) them into their exercise books . 20 . They ( to get ) ready to go out when it ( to begin ) raining .

Beart / 11 июля 2014 г., 0:20:25

Переведите текст с английского на русский. A flight to India had a stopover at Heathrow Airport. The stopover was just two hours, so the

passengers only had time for a snack ang a bit of shopping before they were ready to board their

next plane to Bombay. But there was a huge queue to the security check and the passengers were

starting to get very nervous. They didn't want to miss their flight. One of the passengers in the queue

was a very tall Indian with a big bag. The bag was heavy for normal hang baggage and the man

had put it on a trolley. When it was his turnto go through the metal detector, he stepped forward

with his bag. Of course, the next thing everybody heard was a loud alarm (Серена). The security

officers went speechless with suprise. However, a moment later, they turned to the Indian man

and very politely asked him to leave his hang baggage with them before going through the metal

detector. The Indian smiled, took his bag off the trolley and gave it to a security officer. Then he

went back to his trolley, pushed it in front of him and to go through the metal detector once

again. By this time, it was very clear what the problem was.

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